Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Appreciate of being loved.

It's been a  long time, to show it out. Yes, im growing, im learning, i've been trying so hard, to accept and to forget. The something, that teach me to love, to sacrifice, to appreciate, to hold on tight, to share, to care, to trust, to forgive, and to be loved. Love, and to be loved, is something special in the life. This kind of happiness, get from family, friends and your lover. Im believing that im so lucky to have one. Thats why I need them in my entire life.

Love, nothing special, but it is hard. Not a thingy that hanging around the mouth, not only you think so then it will be. Mind can cheat, mouth can lie and action can be acted. But the truth is inside the heart, to be sincere. I always have a question : " If i only can choose between two, will you choose the one you love or the person who love you?" I cannot answer, everything can change even is the heart, but sometimes, it may last forever. Depends on who you are, what you want to be. I wish i can last long till i can, perhaps till the end of my life, but not forever, because im the one side, still have another side to make the decision. I found someone special and important, stayed in my heart, and if i can, i wish i'll never let you go.

Love, a giving and accepting, continuously. It's from family, the dearly family members, who will always support you. Maybe they scolded you, but they are worrying about you. They scare we are being bullied when we're at outside as they hope to see us but they just can't. They miss us, a lot, and a lot. They give us money when we need it, which they earn it hardly, just to give us the comfortable life. I would cherish the person i got around me, they are THEM. Those safely saved in my mind and heart.Thanks a lot, all of you for being at the side of me when i need.

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