Friday, May 27, 2011

Ever feel.

Always second guessing

No way is all good.

U're so mean

When you talk.

So complicated

Chase down all my demons.

Lasting PERFECT.
try too hard, waste of time.


Aha! Exam passed! well well. just a small test kayy D:
It killed my cell of brain for 2 weeks. And hey, still will lost more brain cell for the coming SPM!
gosh :(
gah!!!! New life begin after all this?
No no. More challenge is coming after this.
What if i choose to have fully freedom? aww. i really prefer freedom more than everything!
But hey, this called life. NO such fully freedom =(

Hmm..can i face the coming trial and spm happily?
Can i get through all of it? hope to be! :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


How i wish i got these polaroid. ;0
Kinda love it. Awww.. :)
Love polaroid!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

what i want to.

Emhmm.. What's the purpose to study? I didn't get it.
But what's the life for these about 12 years journey?
It's study right? A school life. Yeah. It is. Exactly.
Well, i don't wish to get a worker's life or anything else.
I love freedom, more on more than a boredom life.
I don't hope to repeat many same things in my life, it is such a tired thing i think?
But well, sometimes if something keep on repeating.. i HATE.
I used to think that will i did some different from others.
Everyone's life start from kindergarten then primary and secondary school, then university or college and lastly work to earn money.
Always same and same.
Hmm..if it will be, i know, it's a cycle something like that huh? :D
Just, i wish i get a life what myself want to.
I don't care what people say, how people think, yet I AM WHO I AM.
That's why i always says : I DON CARE!
I want to be what i want to. Till the day, im sure, my DREAMS will come true. :)

not the end.