Friday, September 23, 2011


What's between us, is just a cock and bull story.
I will never trust again. Just like, u leave me once again.
At least, for now, i'm released and knew the true colours.
Only if i'm stupid in ur eyes, u will laugh at me.
But, i'm the one realised. and w-a-k-e u-p.
Thanks God, for the weakness, the foolish made by.
I'm now wish to be happy, full of hope, be the light of mine.

If something remind of u, i will try to do away with it.
I will not get the blues.
多少庆幸 多少风景

Monday, September 5, 2011

Miss u :)

Girls, miss u all :)
Finally we all are here :D
Happy times fly fast, cherrish. ;)

We always smile ! :)

Aww, no more blazer :) But we made it all the time.

No crying, just smiling :D

My reception life, i appreciate it very much.
We played, we worked, we ate, we laughed, we smiled.
We cried, we helped, we angry, we washed, we drank.
I ever lazy for the works, but now i miss the time.
No more. Only memories, go on.
Girls, thanks for the time we all went through together!
Awwww. Miss miss miss :(
Here, wish u all smile always!
Juniors: Keep it up, u all can do better:))