Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thank you and I'll love you.

I'm weird, but i got my mind up tonight.
I need a friendship, that never end even it breaks somehow along the journey.
I thought everyone can accept critics given by a best friend so called, but ended up they can't believe that they are criticized by their best friend, the friendship starts cracking, break to the half, and never stick together again.

What if there is a friendship like relationship? love each other from the deep heart, no replacing no taking over.
Share the feeling to each other, although a few times of quarrel, a few times of saying that 'i hate you', but lastly they are still the best one for each other.

Oh yeah, i'm truly envy with those who have really good friends in their life, i think i have few, but kept in my heart and my mind, Miss yousss a lots. Do you miss me? i wish i get the answer of a YES.
Hey buddy, how are you? I've lost contact with a lot of people, i don't dare to start a conversation, i scare it's the emptiness fulfilled me. My soul is gone, my soulmate is gone, and never been here again.

Just a sign of sigh. A little bit upset that makes me feel alive, makes me lost.
Come on, pull me, don't let me die. I would like to say Thank you and i'll love you.